Missouri Requests Insurers' Updated Disaster Contact Info

Missouri Requests Insurers' Updated Disaster Contact Info

On January 18, 2023, the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI) issued Insurance Bulletin 23-01 to all insurers issuing policies covering real or personal property in Missouri, requesting updated disaster contact information in anticipation of upcoming spring storm season.

Specifically, the DCI requests the name, title, telephone number, and email address for each of the following contacts:

  • Primary regulatory contact: This contact should be available to directly communicate with the Director and senior DCI leadership following a disaster within the state. These would be high-level communications about the DCI’s response efforts, the company’s response efforts, logistic issues, and other urgent regulatory matters following a disaster.
  • Secondary regulatory contact: This secondary contact should be able to discuss nonurgent regulatory issues with DCI staff as well as participate in industry conference calls and meetings regarding disaster response matters. 
  • Communications contact: This contact should be available to discuss inquiries received from press outlets and to coordinate joint communication and consumer outreach efforts. 

Insurers' contact information should be submitted to the DCI via email at CompanyContacts@insurance.mo.gov, using the provided Excel spreadsheet form. In the event of there are multiple insurers within a larger group, a single response may be submitted if the individuals identified for the larger group can speak to the issues identified above for each insurer within the group.

Any questions or comments regarding Insurance Bulletin 23-01 should be directed to the DCI Market Regulation Section at CompanyContacts@insurance.mo.gov or (573)-751-7470.


Link to Insurance Bulletin 23-01

Link to Excel Spreadsheet Form