AAIS Vision

Envision a Modern Insurance Experience

The future is coming…are you ready?

The P&C insurance industry is evolving like never before. Remarkable advances in technology, data management and analytics are ushering in new opportunities for insurers and regulators to transform the insurance experience.

At AAIS, we see the insurance landscape of the future, and we're making it happen for our Members. We see it. Can you?

Check out our Vision videos for a peek at the future.

AAIS Vision: Reimagining the Future
We see opportunities for carriers that leverage emerging technologies to deliver the insurance experience of the future.

Our Vision for Commercial Lines

We know the modern customer expects more, and that insurance technology is the key to success.

Our Vision for Homeowners

We see a ‘smart home’ future where homeowner insurance risk is mitigated and minimized like never before.

Our Vision for Inland Marine

New technologies are transforming the transportation industry and the role we see insurers playing in safety, efficiency,and risk mitigation.

Our Vision for Personal Auto

We see telematics and autonomous vehicles transforming the way auto insurers address the market of the future.

Our Vision for Farm & Agriculture

We’ll help Farm & Ag insurers leverage new data and technologies to match coverage and risks in real time.