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AAIS Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance continuously monitors the regulatory environment for changes in the evolving P&C marketplace

For companies looking for speedy, reliable action on legislative, judicial or regulatory changes that affect their products and services, look to AAIS. AAIS Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance professionals continuously monitor the regulatory environment for changes in the evolving P&C marketplace, and delivers timely updates to our Members. That vigilance also helps ensure AAIS maintains compliant forms.

AAIS Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance (GLC) services include:

  • Participation in government relations activities through trade associations and other national entities.
  • Sharing information on impending regulatory actions with Members.
  • Contributions to policymaking decisions that shape regulation.
  • Continuous monitoring of legislation and court decisions that trigger notification to our customers of any changes needed.
  • Expedited development of compliance filings to allow companies to adopt solutions immediately upon regulatory approval.
  • Delivery of those changes with clear concise instruction on impact to products.

Hi-Tech Access

  • StateNet and LexisNexis Research Tools.
  • System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing
    SERFF is the NAIC’s state-of-the-art platform for insurers and regulators, accelerating the pace of entry for new and renewing products, while ensuring compliance.
  • Use of social media, blogs as well as the traditional advisories and bulletins to notify customers of important compliance information.

Dedicated Service

  • Seasoned attorneys with private firm claims defense and insurance product development experience.
  • Compliance professionals with decades of insurance company compliance and SERFF filing Experience.
  • Consultative reviews of programs for compliance and filing support for custom proprietary programs.


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Robin Westcott, J.D.
Vice President - Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance

Robin is an attorney who spent more than 19 years in insurance-related regulatory positions in Florida, most recently as the state’s consumer insurance advocate, before joining AAIS in 2013. In her current role, Robin oversees AAIS’s product compliance operations and consults with state insurance departments about the practical implications of regulatory initiatives.

Compliance Corner

Keep up with important news in the regulatory space, with our compliance-specificFacebook and Twitter feeds. When attending live events, we often post updates in real time. 



The latest release of openIDL (open Insurance Data Link) expands upon existing statutory reporting capabilities with special support for regulatory Data Calls. New features and enhancements to user interfaces enable Member insurance companies and regulators to collaborate more effectively on the development of Data Calls, to increase timeliness, efficiency and overall value.

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