Naga Peddibhotla
Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer
GAPro System

Naga Peddibhotla is Co-founder, CSO/CDO at GAPro System. Naga is responsible for GAPro’s strategic development which includes envisioning & executing GAPro’s Verification-as-a-Service (VaaS) blockchain strategy within various industry verticals such as insurance and supply chain. In this role, Naga creates monetization strategies for the various business verticals utilizing GAPro System. Naga Peddibhotla is a treasury alum of General Motors Treasurer’s Office where his assignments included global FX/commodity risk and global liquidity. Previous experiences include working at CUNA Mutual Group and various capital market projects in India.

Bob Guevara
Vice President | Inland Marine

Bob Guevara has been with AAIS since 1992. During his years at AAIS Bob has been the principal developer of the AAIS Inland Marine Guide and Commercial Output Program. He has also spoken at numerous industry meetings addressing coverage and regulatory issues, and is a member of the legislative and regulatory affairs committee of the Inland Marine Underwriters Association.

Truman Esmond
Vice President | Membership Engagement & Technology

Truman Esmond oversees AAIS’ marketing and technology areas, including the membership services, corporate communications and product integration teams. Truman was instrumental in the development of the AAIS product platform, enabling the next generation of program support for AAIS members. Before joining AAIS in 2012, Truman was managing director for Red Door Interactive, joining that firm when it acquired Breckenridge Communications, an application development and marketing firm Truman founded and led for more than 14 years.