Modernization Strategies 
Truman Esmond And Bill Pieroni 

Innovation & Efficiency in Large
Mutuals & Commercial Carriers

Joan Zerkovich and Karen Furtado

Personal Lines Program Update and Direction Report
John Kadous and Casey Brewer

Commercial Lines Program
Update & Direction Report

Leslie Rippley

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Upstarts & Startups: Today's
Innovative insurance Enterprises 

Joan Zerkovich and Paul Carroll

Compliance/ Filing/Regulatory Sessions
Robin Westcott

Farm & Ag: Program
Update & Direction Report

Robin Souza

Inland Marine: 
COP 3.0 in California

Bob Guevara, Sheila Morris, and Jeremy Teiber

Design Thinking Exercise-Part I & II:
Build Your Own Partner

Becca Williams and Truman Esmond

Program Development & Operations
Joan Zerkovich, Jeremy Teiber, Dave Acker, and John Flavin

Personal Lines Forum: Looking Ahead
John Kadous, Casey Brewer, and Rob Olson

Inland Marine: COP 
Transportation Insurance & Blockchain

Bob Guevara, Truman Esmond, and Naga Peddibhotla

Product Delivery,
Channels & Automation

Joan Zerkovich, Bob Guevara, John Kadous, Jeremy Teiber, Art Meadows, and Phil Reynolds