Like a new car, the AAIS Personal Auto forms and endorsements combine the latest features for optimum performance and efficiency. AAIS will provide all the service and maintenance for these forms, keeping them compliant and up-to-date while saving you from costly, time-consuming work. This is critical as the auto market evolves, and you need to respond readily and effectively to customer needs. 

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The Model
With this program, you’ll have the industry’s most up-to-date standard base form, reviewed and admired by independent coverage experts for its precision and clarity; and all mandatory and state amendatory endorsements.

Distinct Options
The most valuable feature of the AAIS Personal Auto Program comes in its optional features. With this program, your company will have more than 60 fully-maintained optional endorsements tailored to address critical exposures in today’s competitive market.

Several of these options are available to carriers only from AAIS, including:

  • Accident Forgiveness coverage
  • Diminishing Deductible coverage
  • Emergency Roadside Service coverage
  • Farm Motor Vehicle coverage
  • Mechanical Breakdown Coverage
  • New Vehicle Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Pet Injury Coverage
  • Rental Vehicle Physical Damage Coverage
  • Transportation Network Program
  • Vehicle Sharing Physical Damage Coverage

The Service
Most importantly, the AAIS Personal Auto Program comes with full service from experienced, knowledgeable, and accessible product specialists who will help you adopt, implement, and maintain this program.  We'll work with your staff, agents, and business partners to produce the smoothest possible transition to a program that works for you.

For more info on the AAIS Auto Program or to view a sample base form contact:

Casey Brewer
Product Manager
Personal Auto

Endorsement Options
The AAIS Personal Auto Program provides a comprehensive series of endorsement options that will allow you to craft policies and offer coverages that meet the needs of unique markets and insureds.

  • Setting Policy Conditions
  • Components and Personal Property 
  • Ownership Arrangements
  • Non-Owned Auto Coverage
  • Vehicles Other Than Autos
  • Traveling
  • Physical Damage 
  • Car-Sharing
  • Transportation Networks


AAIS is excited to introduce a new Personal Auto Program available for the non-standard market.